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Mission Statement

I am on a mission to help save history from being forgotten forever. As you know our country has taken a hard hit in our economy and thathas affected many things we enjoy in this world. Historical sites have a way of making you feel like you traveled back in time. I am able to travel back through time because of historical places I have visited and toured. I get to visit such great sites because I am an Historical Paranormal Investigator. Not too many people put ghosts and history together in the same conversation, but I am here to say that paranormal activity wouldn't exist without a historical event.

The longer I investigate these historical sites, the more I realize how endangered they are.

It makes me sad to know that some of these locations will be closed forever to the public due to these hard economic times in the U.S. I began to see that my ghost hunting investigations caused much interest from a lot of people. This is when I discovered that this is a way of getting people into history and  paranormal investigations along with how to conduct them. Working with the Warren County Historical Society in October of 2009 gave me much joy because of what I was doing for history.

When I do these public investigations we charge a fee and give half of the proceeds to the historical locations. We were so successful with this event that other troubled historical sites started calling me to tell me they had spirits that might like public attention. So now we are on a great journey of saving such places that have lost their funding due to poor attendance. I never fake any paranormal activity nor do I set up a place to create supernatural phenomena. If we find evidence through our first overnight investigation then we will present it to the museum director or the historical site's owner. If we do find evidence that supports a possible haunting we then discuss the possibility of holding a public ghost hunt.

It's these public ghost hunts that get people that were never into history to start looking at it with great interest and respect. It also helps generate money for the historical societies involved and helps to bring a bigger attendance to these endangered locations that are haunted. This also makes a difference with jobs for people that work at these historical sites and helps to keep the doors open for the public. What I offer the people is a great historical tour, the experience of a lifetime dealing with the paranormal and learning what it takes to become a ghost hunter.  Not only does it open people's eyes and minds, it also opens a chance for history to be taught to a younger generation. Now don't get me wrong , you would be surprised how many older people and government officials attend these ghost hunts as well. It is a great opportunity for people and history to come together for an interesting night.

What great opportunity do you have in this journey? You can help these endangered historical sites by publicizing what I am doing for these organizations. You can also help me and historical societies, like Warren County Historical Society, by giving them the chance they might have never had due to you writing or talking about these events that I am holding throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. This is the beginning for me and I have made a choice on saving these places with my skills in paranormal investigating. I am offering you a opportunity to help history stay alive through networking and letting the people know what we are doing to help save spirits, jobs, history, and culture. Without you, these events will never reach the potential they have and may not bring attention to the many places that need our help.

So what do they gain from the paranormal side from these events? A lot more than words can say.  We are very proud of what we are doing for our earthbound spirits and history and we take great pride in helping out as much as we can. It's funny how much the paranormal and history go hand in hand. When I started doing paranormal investigations, I never thought this could benefit so many places that were in need of help. In fact, I never dreamed that I would be a person on such an important mission, and with your help we may just start something that helps our country rebound one place at a time. Thank you for your time and for understanding that what I do is a great importance in so many ways.

DaShane Watkins (founder) of Spiritual H.O.P.E. Society

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